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Lease For Up To 30 Years - Buy Now, Pay Later In 12 Months

Long-Term Test Drive Domain

Test drive one of our domains for 59 months Lease with Purchase (Option) at the end of the contract.

Short term test drive domain for 6 months Lease with Purchase. 

Return domain or cancel lease contract at any time without cost or fees charge.

Use Lease Form and Pay Later Form Instead of Email Ping-Pong.

Complete our lease form, buy now pay later form, rent form or 10 years to 30 years lease to own form instead of contact form or email ping-pong communication. 

Escrow transaction will create within 24 hours after you completed lease form or pay later form and the transaction will display in your Escrow account immediately after the transaction was created following the details of yours.

Why lease instead of rent domain?

Pay your rent in every month, every year and not receive anything in return of your payments. Why not pay your lease to deduct the buying price of the domain name instead of rent? 

Our domain names available for Lease To Own for 10 years to 30 years or Lease with Purchase domain name.

If the domain name does not help your business to increase incoming or it's not worth to buy, you can stop pay your lease at any time and walk away same as rent a domain name.

Buy Domain with Installment payment plan.

Pay buy now for your first payment then pay later in monthly for 12 payments to 48 payments.

Or use buy now in first payment and then pay Later in 12 months for 3 payments to full ownership domain name.

Contact us or email to inquire at 

Featured Domains

For Lease : $27,500/month

Shoppers also known "Buy Now Pay Over Time aka BNPOT" and want to buy electronics, clothing, fashion accessories, travels, furniture or foods with flexible payments.


For Lease : $25,000/month

Gold investors want to buy or invest in "Gold, Pay Later" in a month or split in 4 payments or installment 12 to 48 monthly payments.


For Lease : $15,000/month

Everyone want to be "Prudent" investors or want "Prudent" advisors for help to manage their wealth.


For Lease : $12,500/month

The world (Men) can not live without "Japanese Adult Video Porns" , too many man type-in "JAV Porns" from their computers and their phones in every day, every week and every year until the end of the world.


For Lease : $2,500/month

Too many pharmaceutical "Drugs" brands, companies and medications that start with T letter.


For Lease : $2,500/month

Someone "Wantings" somethings such as custom goods, import products, special services or personal advisors.


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