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Installment Domain Name
Manage domain name server after first payment. Pay later until final payment to full ownership domain name.


Create Account
Verify your identity Escrow account.
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Complete The Pay Later Form
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We Create Transaction
The transaction will create following the details of your pay later form.


Review Transaction in Your Escrow
Escrow send notify transaction in your email and display the details of schedule payments in your escrow account.


Pay First Payment & 50% Fees
Pay transaction fees and domain name holding fees.
We Pay 50% Escrow Fees
Check Escrow transaction fees and Escrow domain name holding fees and payment options


Domain Transfer to
We transfer domain to Escrow domain name holding account for at least 12 months to 49 months.


Manage Domain Name Server
Setting your name server in Escrow account and instant use domain for branding.


Pay Installments
Pay later all your installments
or stop at any time and return domain.


Full Ownership Domain Name transfer domain name to your registrar.

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