Lease Now, Buy Later

Lease a great name to building your brand.

Lease with Buy Option

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Email to or use Contact Form for help purchasing your business name.

 5 Steps Lease Domain Name 


Start Lease Domain Name

Create account and verified account to start lease with us and see payment details. 

See more details Escrow payments and verify account


Review Transaction

The Escrow transaction will send to the buyer's email and the buyer's escrow account, before the buyer decision to payment directly at



The Buyer pay escrow transaction fees, domain name holding fees and the first payment from the buyer's account.


Domain Transfer

Domain transfer to domain name holding service for 49 months. See more details


Domain Name Server

The Buyer self-manage DNS directly from account.


(Option) Buy Domain Name To Full Ownership

Domain will transfer from Escrow holding account to the buyer after the buyer buy a domain at the end of contract.

Or let a domain name return to us, The Buyer does not has to buy a domain name at the end of contract.

Or contact us to start a new lease with buy option contract for continue use a domain name for your business.