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Installment Plan Great Domain Name For Up To 5 Years

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6 Steps Installment Domain Name 


Start installment

Create account and verified account to payment your installment and see all payment details. See more details Escrow payments and verify account


Receive Escrow Transaction

We create a transaction and send to the buyer's email and escrow account for review before go to payment directly at



Payment directly on
Buyer pays escrow transaction fees, domain name holding fees and the first monthly payment.


Domain Transfer

We transfer the domain name to domain name holding service to hold for 6 to 60 months.


Domain Name Server

The buyer self-manage domain name server from buyer's escrow account.


Domain Name Transfer holding account transfer domain name to the buyer after all payments are completed. 

 How to create transaction on from the buyer Escrow account.

Transaction Title (Domain name  and contract details ) 

Ex. 60 monthly payments installment contract

Item Name : Domain name  


Price (Buying Price) USD

Ex. $60,000,000

Item Category 

Select "Domain"

Inspection Time

select "1 Day"

Transaction Type 

Select "Escrow Domain Name Holding Service"

DNS Managed By

select "Buyer"

Terms Length

select "5 Years

Payment Frequency

select : "Monthly"

Payment schedule (your installment per month USD)
Ex. $100,000"

Escrow Fee Payer**

select  "Buyer"

** The buyer has to pay escrow fees and domain name holding fees at the first payment including first monthly.

Escrow Seller Details

We will response and accept escrow contract within 2-7 business days after the buyer send escrow transaction to our escrow account.